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Taxation in The Gambia
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Taxation in The Gambia


A number of direct taxes are applicable in The Gambia. There are direct taxes on salaries, real property, income earned from various business ventures and through various sources. There are also exemptions, discounts, relief and tax holidays. The administration of taxes comes under the jurisdiction of the Income Tax Department in Banjul.

Any person to whom income has accrued, derived from, brought into or received in The Gambia is liable to pay tax on such income in respect of:

gain or profits;
income from any trade, business, profession or vocation that may have been carried out;
gains or profit from any employment including allowances whether payable in money;
dividends, interests or discounts;
any pension, charge or annuity; or
rents, royalties, premiums and any other profits arising from property.

The types of tax include:

• Business Tax;
• Personal Income Tax;
• Payroll Tax;
• Capital Gains Tax;
• Withholding Tax;
• Environmental Tax;
• National Educational Levy;
• Tax on Contractor;
• Private Practitioner Tax.

Business Taxation

Businesses that make profits at the end of a financial year are to pay corporate tax at the rate of 35% of computed/accepted net profit. Companies that register a loss are charged the turnover tax (2% of turnover if audited accounts are submitted or 3% of turnover of un-audited accounts, whichever is greater) except where a company is exempted as in the case of companies that are issued with the Special Investment Certificate or Free Zones Licence.

Personal Taxation

This tax is payable by all businesses to the Treasury. It is the tax on personal income and it ranges from 10-35% depending on the net earning of an employee.

Non-residents are taxed on their Gambian-source income. Married couples are taxed jointly on unearned income. A married woman can only elect separate taxation if she receives earned or professional income. For any other income attributed to a married woman, it is deemed to be her husband’s income for tax purposes.

Income earned by non-resident individuals is taxed at progressive rates, from 10% to 35%. Non-residents may be taxed on the basis of their turnover if the amount of tax payable on this basis would be greater. In this option, the tax is levied at a flat rate of 3%.

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