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Getting Around in The Gambia

By Water

There are nearly a dozen points where travellers can cross the River Gambia by boat. Vehicle and passenger ferries between Banjul's commercial port and the town facing it across the river mouth, Barra, run at least once an hour in each direction until late evening. Tour operators run adventure and fishing trips using small motor boats or large converted pirogues, and offer day cruises along the river with lunch or dinner and a live band.

By Road

In The Gambia, traffic drives on the right. In the districts around Banjul, the main roads are paved. Outside the Greater Banjul area, a much-needed highway building and repair program has been underway for several years; some main roads are newly surfaced but others are in very poor condition. Throughout the country, most minor roads are unsealed.


Apart from private taxis, shared taxis (cars, minibuses or vans) are the only form of public transport between towns and villages. They wait at their starting point until full then travel along fixed routes, stopping wherever passengers want to get on or off. Fares are fixed.

There are two types of private taxis; neither have meters. Tourist taxis are painted green and are licensed by the Gambian Tourist Authority to operate from ranks in the resort areas; each rank has a noticeboard listing tariffs by destination. Local taxis are painted yellow with green stripes and can be hailed in the street; fares are lower and should be agreed in advance.

Car Rental

Greater Banjul has a few local and international providers. Driving can be difficult due to variable road conditions; some minor roads become impassable during the rainy season (June to October).

Documentation: An International Driving Permit will be accepted for a period of three months. A temporary license is available from the local authorities on presentation of a valid driving licence.

Urban Transportation

Bush taxis (shared cars, minibuses or vans) and private taxis are the only form of public transport in Gambian towns.





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