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Entertainment & Nightlife in The Gambia


Gambian nightlife is fairly subdued, and is concentrated in the coastal resorts and in Serekunda, the largest city. The resort hotels put on regular performances of Gambian drumming, dancing and fire-eating for their guests; the best of these are highly energetic, and audience participation is encouraged. Hotels and restaurants also organise more tranquil musical evenings featuring traditional music played on the kora, the West African harp.

Places to Unwind

Most of the country’s nightclubs and bars are found in the tourist hubs of Bakau and the Senegambia area of Kololi, with a few close to the Kotu and Cape Point hotels.

Jokor is one of the top local nightspots in Gambia. It is located in Serekunda, Westfield Junction, just off a small side street and is essentially an open air disco with an elevated performance state. There are several bars and toilets which are cleaned regularly throughout the evening. They have a ladies night when women are are allowed in for free. Do check which day as it used to be on a Wednesday. There is plenty of transport after hours and the general area is well lit with street lamps.

Further a field but definitely worth the trip is Willy's in Lamin (about 2 km from the airport). A Bantaba style building with a huge dance floor and serious sounds, Willy's is the perfect place to dance the night away to a variety of music from West Africa and further afield. The club seriously' kicks off at around midnight and is open every Saturday night and some Fridays and Sundays. It is worth checking the dates of public holidays as there is always a programme on those nights, often featuring live music. Willy's is closed during Ramadan, the Muslim fast month. There are generally plenty of taxis outside after closing (about 4 am) as most of the customers travel from Serekunda or even Banjul.

Near the hotels, there are a few fairly good local venues including Duplex near the Seaview Gardens Hotel, Jakarlo in Kololi, Wow in the Senegambia area, and Tam Tam 2000 next door to Badala Park Hotel. Again, you will find a good mixture of music and the opportunity for some serious dance floor activity. However, they do lack the unique atmosphere of Jokor and Willy's. Expect a more expensive night also as you will pay about a higher entrance fee and hotel prices for your drinks.

For a quieter night on the town there is a fairly good selection of pubs and bar restaurants around Serekunda, Bakau and Fajara to chose from.

Major concerts featuring rap, reggae and African music stars from Senegal and beyond are held at Dream Park in Kololi, and the Independence Stadium in Bakau. Further inland, the small town of Brikama has a low-key but significant music scene.





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