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Cuisine in The Gambia

Gambian cuisine is well known in the western part of Africa for its ingeniously methods of combining all kind of spices and ingredients. Fufu is a very famous item in West Africa and can be easily found on anyone’s table during lunch or dinner. This dish is considered to be a staple food for Guinea and it is usually made from starchy root vegetables like cassavas or cocoyams. These roots are being smashed and mixed together until they form a thick paste. It happens many times that this paste to be mistaken by those who are not in the field or by the tourists to the mashed potatoes. Fufu is often served as an accompaniment to stews or soups. Gambia cuisine is a great consumer of spices; either they are grown locally or imported from different countries and cultures. Some of the most used spicy ingredients are the chillies and the peppers.

Nyombeh nyebbeh is popular with many Gambians, both in the rural and the urban centres. This is made with cassava and beans and has very rich nutrients. The ingredients include beans, cassava, oils, onions, chilli, stock cube, salt for seasoning, black pepper, a litre of water and fried red snapper. Mbahal is another popular dish in the Gambia, easily prepared with peanuts, and smoked fish. This dish is similar to risotto.

Benachin originated from the Wolof, meaning 'cooking with one pot'. Also called "Jollof rice", just about anything can go into the pot but it's usually a mixture of spiced meat and rice with tomato purée and vegetables.

Pepeh soup is a tasty thick stew which is very easy to make. Very spicy and it’s commonly prepared with fish, cow leg or foot wit the bone into to the stock.

A typical Mandinka dish is domoda, which is made from groundnuts in most part of the Gambia. As the name implies, "domo" means eating whilst "da" means the stew pot. The uniqueness is that the flavour of this wonderful piquant dish comes from the main ingredient of concentrated peanut paste. Domoda can be prepared with meat, beef or fish with lot of vegetables. This is a source of high protein and with nutritious value in this Gambian local dish.

Yassa is made with chicken or fish, and the delicious tangy flavour makes yassa sauce a huge favourite in this part of the world. Plasas is meat and smoked fish cooked in palm oil with cassava leaves, served with rice or mashed cassava.





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